For angling purposes the upper beats are those above the Meetings Pool at Hallowchapel, Pinwherry. The middle beats are between Hallowchapel and Balnowlart, near Ballantrae, and the lower beat is the Ballantrae beat that runs down to the sea.

Most beats are let by the day or by the week. Balnowlart is a syndicated stretch of water and the Ballantrae beat is let by the week only. Day tickets are available on the Colmonell Angling Club stretch of the river for friends of members only.

Access to the river is easy, with main country roads running along side the river, and then through farm land to the river bank. All fishermen should keep to the paths and remember the country code. Some pools on the lower beats with easy access would be suitable for disabled anglers.

Lower Stinchar

Ballantrae Beat

Ballantrae BeatBoth banks at the mouth of the River Stinchar at Ballantrae. This stretch includes the tidal pools and extends from the estuary upstream for approximately 1 mile.Strictly fly only. Usually let by the week only, with a modernised, comfortably furnished fishing lodge. See [ here ] for details.

Robert Dalrymple
KA26 0LW
01465 831418

Middle Stinchar

Kirkholm Beat

KirkholmAbout 1.5 miles upstream from Ballantrae lies Kirkholm Farm. Day tickets are available.All legal lures permitted. £15 – £30 per rod per day.

William Marshall
Kirkholm Farm
KA26 0LH

Knockdolian Beat

KnockdolianThe Knockdolian Estate water is often considered the most productive salmon & sea trout stretch in Ayrshire. Strictly fly only. Accommodation available in fishing lodge.
£50-£70 per rod per day.

Knockdolian Estate
KA26 0LB
01465 881237

Kirkhill Beat

Boars Head HotelA short stretch of river in Colmonell. Day tickets available. Why not stay at the Boars Head Hotel, in Colmonell. Excellent food. £40 per rod per day – including lunch.
Disabled access.

Gilbert Browne

Bardrochat Beat

BardrochatSyndicated fishing.

Nick Wright
01659 58697

Dalreoch Beat

DalreochProductive stretch of river between Pinwherry and Colmonell. Day tickets available from the Keeper – price depending on season. £25-£45 per rod per day. Phone for current river conditions.

Nick Wright
01659 58697

Almont Beat

AlmontAbout half a mile of water on both banks, at Almont Farm, Pinwherry. Day tickets available from the Keeper – price depending on season. £25-£45 per rod per day. Phone for current river conditions.

Nick Wright
01659 58697

Hallowchapel Beat

Hallowchapel500 yards of river at the confluence of the Duisk and the Stinchar at Pinwherry. Day tickets are available. All legal lures permitted.£30 per rod per day. Phone for current river conditions.

Tom Lothian
1 Main Street
KA26 0NA
01465 831277

Upper Stinchar

Minuntion Beat

MinuntionSyndicated fishing.

KA26 0TE

Local Fishing

Barr BridgeGood fishing can also be obtained on the Upper Stinchar all the way up to the village of Barr and beyond. Much of it is owned and managed by the local farmers, so if you are seeking fishing permits, then please ask the local landowner.