fishing June into July

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The following week beginning July 2nd Kenneth Hyslop a member of the Ballantrae Bridge syndicate landed a 9lb fish from Jean’s. Another member, David Mc Illwraith had one around 10lbs from McKenna on Sat 7th

Balnowlart is having a lean time with the fish not stopping. I had a fish of 7.5lbs on Sat and as far as I know was the only one of the week.

Lord Richard stopped off at Knockdolian for a couple of days on route to the Spey and landed a 10lb fish from the Blackstone. Jimmy Hyslop started his season on Fri 6th with a 12.5lb fish from McCallum on a Red tube. Next day, John Cathcart had one around 12lb from the Scaur.

Colmonell AC had only one for the week on Sat, a 6lb fish for young Alexander Wilson.

Kirkhill started the week (Mon 2nd) with two 12lb fish for Tom Wallace & John Mc Colm, the rods here have also landed six rainbows to 6lbs. More escapees from Pinbraid

Bardrochat is now fished by a syndicate and John Kay Mac Gregor got them started on Sat with a 12lb fish from the Bridge Pool.

Dalreoch landed two 10lb fish on Sat, one from Dangart by Alan Robb and the other by his friend, a 1st ever salmon for Nathan Calderwood from Hare’s Took

Almont’s only fish for the week was a 7.5lb for Billy Morrison.

The upper river has been quiet this week with the only report of one being lost at the net at Minuntion.

The general feeling is very mixed as to whether we have a decent head of fish in the system or not. There are a good few experienced anglers who have yet to have a pull, and whilst I fished many a decent water in the evenings at Knockdolian without a tug, I do believe conditions have not been ideal. The water it’s self is heavily peat stained, with blobs of foam the size of footballs floating down. Then the thundery plumps have the levels fluctuating every other day. There has also been a downstream wind blowing continuously. Anyone fishing the Stinchar on a regular basis will have come to recognise these are not the recipe for productive catches.



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