August 2015

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August report 2015

Ballantrae Bridge has been very lightly fished by the family and his guests so far and are counting a number of good quality grilse. The larger fish seem to have carried on up river.
Balnowlart continued to put a few on the bank during the month. Successful rods here were Andy Ewing, Kenny Gibson, Geordie Mainland, Billy Heron, Stuart Lang and a large fish in the high teens for Bill Broadfoot.
At Kirkholm, Wm Marshall said the fishing was a bit slow with only the odd fish at the start of the month, but was really fishing well by the end with a lot of good clean fish caught.
Knockdolian was very lightly fished during the month, but despite this put 40 on the bank.
A few of these fish were kept, but the vast majority were returned.
1st G. Hyslop 4lb & 13lb Shakiston – Keith Trusdale 5lb & 14lb MaCallum
2nd Paul Smith 5lb Laigh Haugh
5th Paul Smith 12lb Bankweil
6th Brian Wilson 7lb Bankweil
7th Walter Tudor 11lbs Maggie’s – Brian Wilson & Tony Coughlin 6lb, 6lb & 7lb Twins & BW.
Horace and Colin 6lb Scaur – Mark Whalen 4lb, 5lb, & 7lb Kinning Park
8th G Hyslop 7lbs & 12lb Scaur – Peter Bradshaw 8lb Twins
10th G Hyslop 12lb Laigh Haugh – P Weeks 8lb Scaur
21st G Hyslop 5lb Scaur
27th Lord Richard 13lb Twins – G Hyslop 5lb Maggie’s – John Hall 3lb, 7lb, & 7lb Kinning Park
Michael Scott 11lb & 8lb Dalni & Scaur
28th Lord Richard 14lb, Blackstone, 7lb Polcardoch & 5lb Laigh Haugh – G Hyslop 5lb Maggie’s
John Hall 12lb, 10lb, 7lb, 5lb & 3lb Twins & Bankweil – Mr Seed 4lb & 6lb Scaur
29th G Hyslop 7lb Scaur
A good number of sea trout were also landed.
Colmonell AC is having a lean time with only two fish reported for the season. These were by Les Howarth and Stephen Challis and were both Grilse.
I am still waiting on Gilbert from Kirkhill to get back to me, but I know they have done quite well with Owen Samson and Gilbert getting among the action.
Dalreoch & Almont only had a few at the beginning but finished the month with a number of good fish landed, Billy Morrison had fish of 8lb & 6lb from the Jubilee Bridge Pool on the 26th
Thursday 27th Jamie Turner took four fish, biggest of them being 8lbs. Jamie’s fish were caught from the Hair’s Took, Burnfoot & the Greystanes. Noel Hainey & his son Paul, also on Dalreoch, took a fish each out of the Dangart Pool. Up on Almont, Billy Morrison had a 6lb fish from the Flats and another 8lb fish from the Jubilee Bridge.
Next day only 2 were caught both 5lb for Jamie Gaff and his father Alan one from the Lairds, the other from the Flats.
Hallowchapel didn’t continue their good start with only a few caught recently with fish for Stevie Cruickshank and for Mr Cameron.
The Wee Stinchar has not fished well with only Eddy Smith catching a coloured fish around 9lb.
Anglers here are complaining bitterly about the clarity of the water, some days it is the colour of clay, then back to the heavily peat staining which has been the norm all summer. SEPA and the Ayrshire River Trust have been asked to investigate.
Some reports are claiming the river is “stuffed” with fish. I can assure you this is not the case, but as these catches reflect, there are enough to give some decent sport. It is a vast improvement on last year and hopefully the runs of fish will continue for the remainder of the season.

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