Tom Lothian

The River Board employs a Head Bailiff and 3 Under Bailiffs plus a number of water watchers, all part time. All the bailiffs have passed the examination set by the Institute of Fishing Management.

In the seventies and eighties the bailiffs were fully engaged in catching the gangs who came to the river to poach fish by all of the illegal methods. Fortunately these gangs no longer exist, mainly due to the diligence of the bailiffs and the changes in the law.

The bailiffs main duties now are to educate those anglers who still want to kill every fish, on the advantages of catch and release, returning hen fish in October and the numerous other policies which the Stinchar River Board has implemented over a number of years.

The true angler who pursues the king of fish in a truly sporting manner has nothing to fear from the bailiff.

Tom Lothian

Tom Lothian


Tom Lothian – Head Bailiff – Tel: 01465 831277
Robert McIlwraith – Ballantrae
Robert McIlwraith – Knockdolian
John Goodenough – Dalreoch


If you wish to book fishing with the services of a ghilly, then this can be arranged locally. Please ask when booking or phone the Head Bailiff – Tel: 01465 831277.