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Down at Ballantrae Bridge, Robin Mulholland’s party have had thirteen so far with a good few more lost.

Balnowlart has fished well and as of Tuesday had ten; two for Andy Ewing, best 9lb.  Two for Stuart Lang, both grilse.  One for Kenny Gibson and one for Hugh McLatchie.  I went down late afternoon and landed four grilse and lost another two.

Kirkholm had seven in same rise of water.

Knockdolian had a tremendous day on the Tuesday with 17 fish.

Lord Richard caught the biggest, 17lb from Blackstone as well another 7lb from Kinning Park.

J. Catering’s party staying in Belhamie had a 9lb from Dalni, 13lb from the Scaur and returned two on Matthews.

Brian Wilson and Tony Coughlan caught 7 between them and returned 4.  Best of those landed was 10lb.

Syndicate members Ross McCulloch and Jimmy Hyslop were on bottom pools and had three between them, best a 12lb fish for Ross.  All three fish returned.

John Hall was fishing McCallums that day and had 5 fish on but lost them all – very frustrated.

On the Wednesday I had an 11lb from the Scaur, returned.

J. Clavering’s party landed a 15lb fish on House Run and Len Holowko had a 16lb on Bankweil.

The club water had six on Tuesday.  Three for young Alexander Wilson and one for his father Sandy Wilson.  Stuart Donnelly and Robert McIlwraith landed the others.

Kirkhill had eleven including four for Owen Samson, four for Gilbert Browne, one for Tom Wallace and a first time visitor, Graham Jones landed a nice grilse on a red devil.

Lots of other grilse reported lost.

On Bardrochat on Monday 6th, Ian Gourlay caught a 5lb grilse on the Dub just before the river rose.

On Dalreoch, Brian Robb and Nathan Calderwood each had a 5lb grilse from Dangart and Ian McIlwraith had one of 13lb on The Pot.

Up on Almont, Steven Reid and his friend landed five grilse and Colin Hyslop landed a 6lb fish from The Lairds.

Back on Dalreoch, on Saturday the 11th, Laurie Taylor had a 6lb fish from The Craig on a very low water.

Tom Lothian had two at Hallowchapel.

On Laggansarroch, the two syndicate members fishing on the Tuesday landed two fish.  A 15lb out the bridge pool for Roger Pirrie and a first salmon for Harry Sheddon, 20.75lb on a red shrimp.

Up on Minuntion, Paul Parker had a 15lb and a grilse.  Eddie Smith had a grilse, and John Scobie had a 14lb fish.

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  1. Alastair D says:

    Gordon – enjoying the updates from Texas! Looking forward to getting back in a couple of weeks.

  2. robert reid says:

    caught a cracker today weighing 10.8 my first ever had a great time

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