Farson Digital Cam

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We now have installed a new marker on Colmonell bridge – one which can be read from the camera. I contacted Glyn Howells from Farsons during the winter with the view to zooming in to be able to see the gauge clearly without the imposing scale in the view.

Glyn informed me the only way to achieve this, would be to change the lens on the camera. This he kindly did mid April. So, ladies and gentlemen, have a look and please add a comment and let me know what you think.


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  1. loggerdog says:

    2nd post

    since you have changed the format for viewing the camera I have not been able to see anything. Please advise

    • Gordon Hyslop says:

      Unfortunately the providers of this service have now amended their website. I believe they now require a subscription from users who wish to access historical information. I have just been into their website and you can still access live information including river levels. There are links to the webcam on both of the following sites: http://riverstinchar.co.uk/fishing/fishing-guide/ and http://www.ayrshireriverstrust.org/

      I did notice that the marker doesn’t appear on the map of Scotland where the webcam should be. I had to search under ‘Colmonell’ to access the camera. I will contact them regarding this. Please let me know if there are any other issues with the site.

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