October 20th

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At Ballantrae Bridge Robert Redhead’s party caught 9 salmon and four sea trout during the week beginning 6th October including an 18lb cock fish from the Lower Bridge Pool caught by Robert Stock. Following week, water level dropped to low summer height and the Bond party caught 1 grilse and 1 sea trout with Saturday unfishable.
Balnowlart had three for Kenny Gibson, Two for Jim Gruggan best 12lb, One for Hugh Mclatchie and I managed brace myself from the Tig pool just as the light went on the W Gunn, best 8lb
Knockdolian had a good week, landing 36. Swede Kent Hankasson and his 2 friends caught 16 between them. On Sat. 11th he caught an 18lb fish from McCallums. I had two from Dalni and Scaur. John Hall had four from Twins and Bank Wheel. Brian Wilson and Tony Coughlin had three from Twins and Bank Wheel
A. Cowan caught a 7lb on the 9th from McCallums and a 9lb and 7lb from Bank Wheel on the 10th.

Colmonell Club water had a few, Les Howarth had 5 for the week, Craig Hastings had one and Garry Burden also had one.

Kirkhill has had a number of fish, again as in the other beats most have been small and coloured and have been returned. The best fish was one of 11lbs

Dalreoch the Carney Party landed 3 fish, 2 for Dave Carney biggest from the Smiddy wheel at 8lb and Trevor Simpson had a 5lb fish from the Craig. On Almont Johnny Gaff landed 4 fish from the hut pool. Alan Robb also had 2 fish biggest 13lb from the flats. On Wednesday on Dalreoch the Carneys had 5 fish biggest by Dave Carney a 15lb fish from the Hairs took. On Almont Andrew Mc IIwraith had a 6lb fish from the flats. On Bardrochat John Paton had a 6lb fish from the corner pool. On Thursday the carneys had 3 fish on Dalreoch biggest landed by D Mitchell a 17lber from the Hairs Took. At Almont Alan Scott had a 6lb fish from the flats and Jim Hopkins also had 2 fish from the flats, on Friday the carneys had 2 fish D Mitchell with the biggest a 12lb fish from the Battery. On Almont Ian Kemp had 2 fish both around 6lb mark from the flats On Saturday the Carneys had 2 fish biggest a 20lber landed by Alan Box from the Craig. On Almont Jonny Gaff had a fish from the lairds run around 6lb.

On Hallowchapel, Kenny Gibson and Andy Ewing had bought the day at the Ayrshire River Trust auction and managed to land a brace apiece, all in the 5 – 7lb range, one of which was sparkling fresh. The Cree party had 6 on the Thursday and Andrew Cameron and his son had one each on Friday.

Up on the Wee Stinchar, Paul Parker and Douglas Faulds both had fish from Minuntion.

We have 10 days of this season remaining as I write, and a lot of rain is forecast for the week so hopefully if the leaves don’t have the water like pea soup we might get a few in the book yet.


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